Maschinendiagnose und Zustandsbestimmung technischer Anlagen

The savings program
Refinance of inspection costs

Much can be calculated till beautiful numbers. On the other hand, nothing is more difficult to quantify than a non-damage. Therefore, a few examples are given below. Find out for yourself and you will see, in the end there is a plus in your account.

Savings by reducing insurance premiums
The thermographical inspection certificate offered by us fulfills the requirements of the insurances according to VdS 2859 resp. CFPA Guideline No. 1.
This is the prerequisite for providing the proofs listed in the fire protection clause 3601 in order to reduce premiums.

Savings by avoiding energy losses
Fasade insulation, insulation of steam and heating pipes, etc. ensure that heat arrives where it is needed. Our Thermography Energy Check gives you the advises to eliminate such money holes.

Savings by avoiding compressed air losses
Compressed air is expensive, about 15 to 40% of the energy generated for compressed air generation can be estimated for leakage losses.
Our Ultrasonic Scan detects leaks in pipes, manifolds and valves.
We reduce your energy costs.

Optimization of maintenance
The vastest item lies in the invisible. Our entire range of inspection services protects you against machine breakages and expensive business interruptions.

Here are just a few small examples:

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