Maschinendiagnose und Zustandsbestimmung technischer Anlagen

IR check electro inspection

For the inspection of electrical systems, we use more than just temperature measurement. E.g. we use current measurements on endangered objects in addition to thermographic analysis to calculate the risk of wear object . As a result, we are able to assess and classify defects according to VDE guidelines and our own risk based managment rules.
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  • Transformer stations and power rails
  • High, Medium and Low Voltage distributions
  • PFC systems
  • Switch control boards and cabinets for any machinery
  • Controls for air conditioning and heating.
  • Supply systems such as pumps, chillers and other technical facilities
  • Rectifier systems and batteries
  • Emergency power systems
  • other installations according to the specifications of the operator

  • The investigation is carried out by qualified test personnel according to German BetrSichV §2 Ab. 7 and European TRBS1203 Part 4
  • Risk analysis of the thermal deficiencies, using load factors and calculation of the expected temperature
  • Hazard analysis of the thermal deficiencies determined taking account of the VDE and EN guidelines
  • Recording of further measured variables (current, power, ambient / operating parameters etc.) for more detailed analysis of the results
  • Visual inspection according to VDE / EN / UVV rules
  • Attachment of IR-check test stickers for the identification and verification of the tests carried out
  • Creation of a list of all tested equipment and inclusion of the positions in the report log
  • Photography documentation of defects
  • Send the documentation by e-mail in PDF file format