Maschinendiagnose und Zustandsbestimmung technischer Anlagen

Passive ultrasound detection of turbulences

Borne ultrasound enables an entrance to early detection of damages on a level which is only for bats reachable. Ultrasound is generated by turbulences in pressure air pipes, electrical discharge, tracking and friction. In short words everywhere, where air and material is in move.

Application 1: Bearings
Bearing faults are mostly caused by absence of grease. The condition of the grease may be tested by ultrasound.

Worn grease gives a different sound than new one. The amount of grease is indicated by pink noise. Greasing supervised by ultrasound saves grease and money.

Scratching and kicking sound indicate faults in settings and loosen parts. They are not hearable under normal conditions.

Application 2: Electrical Tests
In front of damages visible by infrared inspection, Arcing and tracking is hearable through ultrasound even there is low load.

These signals result in bad connections and disturbtion of the signal quality, which leads to interuptions in the control units. In high voltage units corona and leackage current may be located.

Application 3: Leackage detection/valve test
Air leackages result in high operation costs and wear of the compressors. A leakage with the size of a needle may result in energy costs of more than 2000€ a year. In addition the maintenance for the compressors has to increase.

Valves which do not switch on time influence productions and lead to interferences in control units. All these symptons can be detected, analysed and mostly easily repaired.
Active Ultrasound - the view inside

The source of some damages are in areas where it is normaly not possible to take a look after. Material damages may lead to massive interuptions and costs. A serious judgment was previous only possible with damaging and inside a laboratory. With our Ultrasonic Check we are able to look deep inside of different materials and to detect their conditions.

Especially with the view on longer machine uptimes it is very important to confirm the remaining useful life.

In the normal ultrasonic incpection the test instrument sends a single signal into the object and waits for the response. At discontinuites the signal will response earlier than expected. So it is possible to calculate the position.

To generate an easier inspection and more reliable result we use the phased array technology. There we use not only a single beam, we use a batch of beams with different angles. With this technology it is possible to make areas visible and to calculate the real geometrical dimensions of hairline cracks and holes.

The ultrasonic images look like the well known from medical applications. The differeces are the used energy and that medical instruments render the objects, so that movements could be made visible.

With our phased array scan it is possible to generate expertises about the following discontinuities:

  • Position
  • Characteristic
  • Deepness
  • Material attributes

With these information it is possible to generate testimonials to quality and the remaining life time.