Maschinendiagnose und Zustandsbestimmung technischer Anlagen

Workshop Thermography

The use of infrared measurement technology in maintenance is becoming increasingly important. The benefits are clear. No shutdown of the equipment for inspection and results, which particularly in electrical installations, can not be achieved by any other measuring method. As great as the benefit is also the risk due to misinterpretations of the results and to make mistakes. The resulting costs unfortunately often exceed the benefit significantly by this matter.

We perform this workshop in your rooms and at your facilities. By this procedure we are able to train the individual participant directly. It will be the most important methods for analysis with the participants and applied in practice.

  • Basic Thermography
  • Differences of measuring instruments
  • Planning of inspections
  • Active inspection of one of your machines
  • Criteria for the detection of damages
  • Assessment of deficiencies
  • Report structure
  • Create your own report templates

The participants will be trained at their facilities. During the workshop we will customize the operational needs. This allows individual program points
intensified and less necessary program points are processed more quickly.